What is RAD?

RAD is the Allegheny Regional Asset District. RAD funds regional assets from one-half of the proceeds of the 1% Allegheny County Sales and Use Tax.

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The mission of RAD is to support and finance regional assets in the areas of libraries, parks and recreation, cultural, sports and civic facilities and programs. The District receives one-half of the proceeds from the 1% Allegheny County Sales and Use Tax and the other half is paid directly to the County and municipal governments by the State Treasurer.

Since 1995 and through 2019, the 1% County Sales tax paid by residents of and visitors to Allegheny County is expected to result in a more than $3.9 billion investment in the region.


What We Do

The Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) is a special purpose area-wide unit of local government that was authorized by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature (Act 77 of 1993). The geography of the District is the same as Allegheny County. RAD provides grants from half of the proceeds of the Allegheny County Sales and Use Tax, and works with citizen boards and government officials to monitor the assets for effective operation and development.

RAD grants are distributed to civic, cultural and recreational entities, libraries, parks and sports facilities. The distribution is made by a Board of Directors composed of four persons appointed by the County Chief Executive, two appointed by the Mayor of Pittsburgh and one person elected by the six appointees. The six appointees serve terms concurrent with the appointing authority while the seventh member serves for two years. The Board also appoints a 27 person Advisory Board to provide public input and comment on policies and procedures. 

The District has an annual budget process ending with a budget adoption in December for the following year. Each proposed allocation requires the support of six members. All meetings and votes of the Board are conducted under the provisions of the Sunshine Act which requires public meetings and opportunities for public comment. 

For 2019, RAD adopted a $108.6 million budget serving 104 regional  assets. Some 31% of the funding will go to support libraries; 31% to parks, trails and other green spaces; 13% to sports and civic facilities; 13% to arts and culture organizations; 8% to regional facilities (Zoo, Aviary, Phipps Conservatory);  and 3% to transit. Less than 1% is to be spent on administration. Nine regional assets are contractual assets and have been given guaranteed funding for a period of five years (2015-2019).  See the Who We Fund-Current Assets for a complete listing of 2019 regional assets.

Right-to-Know Policy

As provided by state law, public records of the Allegheny Regional Asset District are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the District office in the Koppers Building, 436 Seventh Ave., Suite 2201, Pittsburgh, PA  15219. The Executive Director serves as the Right to Know Officer. Go to our Right-to-Know page to read the full policy including request requirements and to download a request form.