April 1, 2008

2007 Annual Report

Annual Reports

RAD is pleased to release the year 2007 annual report, Renaissance and Renewal, detailing grants and highlighting asset accomplishments and activities. 

As the community began its 250th birthday party, RAD renewed its 13 year commitment to sustain and enhance assets with nearly $78 million in operating and capital grants - the largest District budget ever.  RAD also announced a new program in 2007, the first Renaissance Grants, a category designed to showcase the work of the assets on specific projects of value to them and to the community.  The first group of Renaissance Grants are underway now, creating projects in honor of the region's 250th birthday and its theme Imagine What You Can Do Here.

With support from the public through RAD, our regional assets are well-positioned to celebrate our achievements and attract visitors to imagine what they can do here as well.

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