Funded Libraries

At 31%, libraries historically are RAD's single largest category.

Allegheny County has 44 independent libraries (some with branches) throughout the County plus the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and its 18 branches.

The county libraries are federated into a system under the umbrella of the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA). ACLA coordinates and distributes its RAD grant for basic services to its member libraries. 

ACLA operates the bookmobile service, jointly manages the eiNetwork with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and assists libraries and communities with various programs and issues.  The District is the major funder of the eiNetwork (the system that links each library's collections via computer) and the Mobile Library Services (formerly bookmobile).  ACLA distributed $5.75 million in RAD funds to 44 separate member libraries in 2015 (see distribution chart, in pdf).

To learn more about the Member Libraries, visit the ACLA web site.
To learn more about the Mobile Library Services, go to

RAD Impact on Libraries

By many standards— programs, materials, leveraged financing, attendance, circulation—libraries are in significantly better condition today than in 1994.

Because of cooperation between RAD, the Allegheny County Library Association and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, a patron, remarkably, needs only one library card to use any public library in Allegheny County. 

Geographical and virtual boundaries are now non-existent when it comes to library services. RAD funding has increased support for libraries county-wide by 70%, exceeding the growth in sales tax revenue during that time.

  • By the end of 2015, libraries will have received nearly $500 million in District funds.
  • $133 million has been allocated for suburban libraries—funding that simply did not exist prior to 1995.
  • The District has invested $19.6 million directly in some additional funds to ACLA for the electronic information network (eiN) the digital system that links all member libraries and Bookmobiles, and provides a shared Catalog, databases, catalogues and other on line communication.  The Catalog is the online collection of all eiNetwork public libraries in Allegheny County.  There are about 3.5 million items listed in the catalogue.  The Catalog can be seached from any computer or mobile device via the Internet, and materials may be borrowed from and delivered to and returned to any library in the system. 
  • Some 2,200 personal computers have been linked at over 77 sites, via the eiN.  
  • Carnegie Library’s $14 million RAD-backed bond issue jump-started a now $55 million capital improvement plan. The RAD Board extended the District’s commitment to CLP to make possible the bond issue.
  • Capital improvements throughout the county include accessibility projects like elevators, automated entrance doors and ramps, HVAC system improvements, roof repairs, exterior renovations and building expansions.
  • Libraries have eliminated non-resident card fees.
  • Seven new facilities have opened, including Pine-Richland (Northern Tier) Scott, and Robinson.